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A few of us from the Gobuzz team will be at Berlin Web Fest from September 12th-15th. Drop us a line if you're there — we'd love to meet you!

Built with filmmakers and curators in mind.

We connect creators with curators, bloggers, and social media influencers, enabling community building and amplifying your show’s profile.

Position your web series in front of a massive audience.

Entertainment curators have a lot of influence in the film industry, so getting your videos up on a number of  placements could mean the difference between getting 100 plays on your trailer, or getting 100,000.

Make your web series seen.

People don’t share trailers, they share stories, also known as explanatory videos. Gobuzz creates custom-built explanatory videos for your web series and shorts, to expand and capture audience attention

Multiple ratio aspect.

Maximize the performance of your videos by matching the perfect size for social media promotion.

Grow your audience with Gobuzz email marketing.

With a growing list of 600,000 subscribers, we feature new indie works to a passionate crowd looking to discover new shows. 

Connect with bloggers and publishers to recommend your web series.

Placing trailers and explanatory videos is a key advertising tool for drawing audience attention to your web series. Get your web series discovered with our growing network of leading publishers and bloggers.
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