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How Next Gen Filmmakers Leverage OTT Platforms To Distribute Their Web Series And Short Films

More and more video apps are experiencing a significant rise in popularity. Creators have more opportunities today to get discovered and get paid. We are changing the distribution game by partnering with multiple big and small Smart-TV apps, allowing you to showcase your content to millions of of people worldwide, while growing your fanbase and increase revenues.

Why choose Gobuzz?

Make your content available on multiple premium TV apps

We are partnering with a network of premium TV brands, installed on set-top boxes all around the world. Our team will pitch your work to our partners network.

Get Promotion

Gobuzz goes beyond distribution. Take advantage of our special promotional bundle to help you reach maximum size of viewership. 

Get A License Deal Offer

We will deliver a license deal from one or more of our TV-apps network.

Things to check before we start

  • You have full rights
  • The content can be used on any platform worldwide
  • Your press kit is complete with photos, bio and great web series and short films

What is OTT?

The thing that makes streaming across different devices whenever we want is possible because of “over-the-top,” a convenient little term that explains the new delivery method of film and TV content over the internet without the need for traditional cable or satellite pay-TV services.

In simple terms, we’re talking about millions of people downloading  TV apps from Roku to Netflix, without bothering to get 400+ channels from cable or dish services.

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