3 Things You Can Do Today To Double Your Film’s Email Signups

Email is the most effective way for filmmakers to build their audience, despite the social media world we live in. Why? Because it’s all about a personal connection with your fans. Let me throw some numbers at you: It has the highest converting ratio for VOD and box office tickets, between 29% – 38% will open your newsletter, 5.5% – 9.8% CTR – click to your website, box office, or VOD shop. But most important you can take your mailing list and create “lookalike” fans. Lookalike Audiences are a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your film because they’re similar to fans registered to your mailing list (I’ll publish my next post dedicated to how to create lookalike audiences for your films) Yes, the mail is the best performing channel, still.

Here are 3 tips to double your film’s email subscribers:

Step 1: Take a piece of paper and pen to your film events

Every film festival screening, every screening party you throw, any event you can think of bring a piece of paper and ask folks to leave their emails and support your film. You’ll be surprised how many emails you’re going to get. When I traveled with my film, after every screening I asked people to stay and fill out a form and leave their email addresses. Consider promising a discount, or a small gift for every email you collect.

Step 2: Set up email signup popups on your website email popups allow you to convert visitors right before they leave and convert them from one-time visitors into lifelong fans. You’ll get 15% more email signups with popup windows. Here are a few useful popup plugins to install:

Step 3: Boost traffic to your film’s site my previous post “

Creating A Film Site Best Practices

” I went over setting up email Sign up buttons and social bar- This is super important, the most effective way to build and communicate with your audience should be your website. You have to drive traffic to your site (see my

posts on how to promote your film

) in order to convert to fans’ emails.

  • Paid ads or boosting your posts with your Facebook page.This could be very powerful, and it doesn’t have to be super expensive. Don’t spend more than $10 when you’re just starting out.
  • Find relevant groups, forums and post your film’s story with links to your site, provide value and get people interested.
  • Upload your trailer to VOD platforms like Distrify, our player contains a “follow” button, when watching a trailer, fans have an option to sign up to your newsletter straight from the player to get updates.  

To complete this list, check out this presentation with all your email marketing tools available for filmmakers

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