4 Ways That Filmmakers Can Diversify Revenues

Kobi Shely

Audience attention spans are shrinking, and we want to make the most out of every moment, here are 4 ideas to try.

Creators know how important it is to constantly find new revenue streams. With new devices and content channels making their way to digital audiences every few years. Meanwhile, a generation has grown up expecting FREE music, films, and TV content.

The download genie has not just come out of the bottle, it’s smashed that bottle into a thousand pieces. Unauthorized downloading of music and movies is no longer marginal – it’s the norm (Lee Hunt)

TVOD – Transactional Video On Demand

In today’s world, the demand to watch films instantly has never been higher. Transactional Video On Demand companies like Vimeo capitalize on this and enables viewers to watch a film immediately.

Audiences can watch a trailer from an embeddable player, and pay a one time fee to watch it, or purchase a “lifetime” license and download a digital file to own.

Ad Revenue Stream

Savvy video creators recognize that different audiences require different user experiences to stay interested in their content.

TVOD creates a Paywall between your content, as a result, visitors might prefer watching your content immediately or watch a short trailer.

Expecting an audience to “invest” time by taking out their credit card, just to watch videos is getting more and more challenging.

While mobile visitors tend to be more “fast video content consumer”, offering a video for a fee is not always the best option. To accommodate digital users, consider offering your entire film for free with ad support.

Currently, streaming platforms such as Snagfilms, Hulu and Dailymotion offer starts from $25 for CPM (For every 1000 views)

Get paid anywhere between $2000 – $100,000 per project producing videos for Brands

Put your creativity and your ideas into action and get brands to bid for your production skills. Today you can find an exploding industry of bidding platforms searching for filmmakers to create videos for their brands.

Filmmakers can use platforms such as Famebit, Cinely, Zoopa, Mofilm, Veedme to enter communities of filmmakers bidding for brands proposals for web commercials, and web series videos.

4 Ways That Filmmakers Can Diversify Revenues


Monetization VOD Platforms

Today there are multiple platforms you could use in order to create demand for your content.

Use Taboola, and Outbrain to generate traffic to your film’s site, to put your trailer and festival PR content in front of massive fans already engaged in your film’s main topics.

Video Ad Platforms4 Ways That Filmmakers Can Diversify Revenues

Another option you might consider, work with Facebook video ads to generate trailer views. Drive fans to reach your Facebook page or film site.

Offer TVOD,  AVOD (Ad support) Cinema Screening, or any other events you’d like to promote.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you get a better grasp of how you could broaden your revenue possibilities. On November 16th, I’ll be delivering a presentation at EPI (Erich Pommer Institut). in Berlin to help creators use the latest distribution tools to reach a wide audience, if you’re around, please drop by I’d love to meet you.

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