Kobi Shely


Kobi Shely

Hi, I’m Kobi. My experience with self-distribution, started back at 2007 with a movie I produced and directed on Apple fan culture. The movie became the number one rental on the iTunes store, sold to Netflix, and aired on CNBC. I later joined Distrify, one of the first direct distribution platforms for film and video. As Chief marketing officer, I worked with hundreds of filmmakers, distributors, film-festivals, and sales agents. I was in charge of the company’s content acquisitions, social media channels, marketing and publicity. I created content promotion partnerships with major publishers including Metro US, and developed innovative day and date screenings (IFFR #Live-cinema.) I created extensive networks and negotiated contracts with film production and distribution executives around the world, including China’s CTTV (Future TV) and Seed & Spark.

I was featured in industry magazines (Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Screen Daily) I write frequent case studies and blog posts and contributed guest columns to IndieWire. I’m speaking at dozens of film festivals, and also teach marketing and distribution trainings at conferences including, European Women Audiovisual Network, Dok Incubator, Antalya Film Forum, Doc-Aviv, Rome Film Festival, Beldocs, and Berlin Film Festival

Gobuzz is a promotion and distribution  boutique founded by Kobi Shely, former filmmaker, and a leading digital distribution strategist.

What makes our service unique is an inherent understanding of the film industry and distribution. We aim to offer the indie film community the best possible marketing and distribution solution. 

We believe that great content has the power to connect emotionally with huge audiences through culturally relevant storytelling.

The opportunities continue to open up and we are committed to uncovering new ways to bring creators into the mix.

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