Gobuzz is a digital content agency founded by Kobi Shely.

What makes our service unique is an inherent understanding of content creation from production to marketing and distribution.

We believe that great content has the power to connect emotionally with huge audiences through culturally relevant storytelling.

Gobuzz operates and owns multiple content channels. Selected content assets include:


Kizztv, an Official Dailymotion partner video page with 40+ million views and 7000 subscribers.

Videospecies is an Official Dailymotion partner video page. The ultimate destination for weird video species, stranger feeds, hip, and less hip clips.

The Horror Factory, Dailymotion official partner: You channel for Gore galore, Monster, Horror, Zombies movies, and intense thrillers. These indie films make it feel like Halloween every night!

MacHeads: In-house production for CNBC. TV documentary about Apple’s eccentric fan culture. MacHEADS reached the top rental on iTunes, sold to Netflix, and aired on CNBC.


Faceoff: Faceoff provides the most exciting, stimulating, and entertaining showdowns, lists, and reviews of the greatest fictional pop culture icons from anime, superheroes, cult movies, and TV series.