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Upon our first meeting, it was clear that Kobi not only has a strong passion for new media, but a genuine desire to help independent filmmakers get as much exposure and revenue for their films.
Shelley Hermon
Kobi is creative and talented, his projects are innovative and creating the next thing in film marketing and promotion. I recommend highly on working with Kobi and using his products.
Debra Pascali - Bonaro
Pain to Power Childbirth, Online Childbirth Classes
Kobi is a believer and a doer. It is not surprising that he is very successful in the challenging project he works on because he embraced the best qualities I am looking for when I work with someone: trust, knowledge, flexibility and focus.
Yaelle David
UX / Ui Designer at AT&T

About Kobi

In 2007 I decided to produce a documentary, on the subject of Mac fanatics, “MacHeads.” Coinciding with the birth of iTunes movie service,  I chose to go digital and release my film via exclusively digital platforms, circumventing traditional routes and instead focusing on an up and coming market. A serious, but calculated risk.

Working diligently and strategically I worked to market MacHeads and create significant buzz online. This meant that when “MacHeads” premiered on iTunes it ranked number one in its category and number 8 out of the 2009 top fifty documentaries. Not only that, but it received 558,867 views on Hulu and became number one top movie in all categories.
This success saw the deals roll in and eventually I worked with CNBC; who became the first traditional platform to broadcast MacHeads.

My experience of filming, marketing, negotiating now sees me work to help others mirror this success. Learning from my mistakes, and success, I aim to offer the indie film community the best possible solution. Allowing creative storytellers and filmmakers to gain control over their digital distribution and reap financial rewards.

A service, that I hope, will inspire and encourage creativity, originality and imagination. Leading to better films and a more thoughtful creative landscape.

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