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• Our team will help you get worldwide OTT distribution for your web-series, short films, and TV shows.

• You don’t need an aggregator to sell your film, and you don’t need to bow down to last generation’s distribution models.

• You keep your rights and revenue. Because that’s how it should be.

Content Channels

Web TV is dedicated to bringing you the best web series the internet has to offer


FOMO? Chop chop is home for quick thrills TV, offering a buffet of chaos to help you feel better about your own life. 

Video Species is the ultimate destination for weird video species, stranger feeds, and alternative visions of the world.  

Now more than ever, we need stories to help us understand and connect to our fast-changing reality. Educate yourself from creative innovators in the fields of technology, creative arts, lifestyle, education, and instructional videos. 

You channel for Gore galore, Monster movies and intense thrillers. These indie films make it feel like Halloween every night!

Filmmaker Testimonials

Ronen Abramson
Ronen Abramson
I can't describe how happy I am for discovering Gobuzz. I tried every possible digital platform, and it's depressing to get a few bucks every quarter from rev-share platforms. It's not just the fact that I got hundreds of dollars in advance, Gobuzz also provided mass-audience for my web-series.
Michael Graza
Michael Graza
I reached a massive audience for my short + got a nice cheque, and the best part: Nobody asked me to promote my own films and share my revenues, don't you just love getting paid for your hard work?
Sharone Vandriger
Sharone Vandriger
The numerous monetization models in the cinema industry are fascinating and could be a real asset if they exists, great to have platforms like Gobuzz.

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Kobi Shely

Big boss Bada bing bada boom!

Tal Nakshon

Content Queen

Hilary Jo Caldis

In charge of making things look nice

Tomer Sade

Biz wiz

Dan Halevi

The "Sell me this pen" dude, every company needs.

Rona Cohen

I fought the law and the law won
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