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Why Gobuzz?

We help creators find new outlets to showcase their content beyond theaters and film festivals by distributing and promoting content to the OTT market. OTT or “over-the-top” is a delivery method of film and TV content over the internet, without the need for traditional cable or satellite pay-TV services.

Featured Content

The Benefits of Gusbandry

Season 1 + 2 , 10 Episodes, (USA, 2018)

Web Series

A new comedic web series about Gusbands and the women that love them. A new comedic web series about Gusbands and the women that love them. A new comedic web series about Gusbands and the women that love them.

37 Problems

Season 1 + 2 , 10 Episodes, (USA, 2017)

Web Series

​A single, struggling, 37 year-old screenwriter, is totally focused on her career until she finds out she has one egg left. Suddenly she has to find a guy to fertilize the egg, freeze the egg, or do nothing and live a different life than she imagined. (It’s a comedy!)

90 min (Crotia, 2019)

Feature Film

Aleksi, a 28-year-old who is stuck under her parent’s roof, ignores pressing family responsibilities and follows her impulses with various men, while figuring out how to escape a safe but boring upper middle class life her family intended for her.

Red Velvet Revolution

Season 1, 9 Episodes, (UK / Italy, 2019)

Web Series

A Corporation called the Life Makers Corporation anonymously directs the lives of its users (called the Life Seekers) who have signed an agreement with the Corporation but have no recollection of it as they have ingested a medicine which erases that particular memory from their minds. The contract itself allows the Corporation to constantly surveil the Life Seekers and to sign any kind of other contracts on behalf of the Life Seekers. 


Season 1/ 6 Episodes / Australia / 2018

Web Series

On The Fringe follows the hilarious misgivings of emerging comedians Sarah and Jacinta as they do what they do best: turn life’s hardest moments into fuel for fodder. In this six-episode season, set during a fringe comedy festival, a devastated Jacinta questions her life purpose following the breakup of a two-week relationship, while Sarah’s initial success comes unstuck after confusing a critic’s appraisal as a flirtatious come-on. Raw, tender and irreverent, On The Fringe explores the career existentialism every performer faces in their career and the friends that help you get through it.

Tracy Buckles

Season 1/ 6 Episodes / Sweden / English /2018

Web Series

In a world where spells and potions are commonplace, a young woman named Tracy Buckles is struck by a despicable curse that prevents other people from hearing her voice. She joins forces with a nameless drifter who suffers from an unfortunate case of invisibility, and a bumbling wannabe wizard of questionable talent. Together, they must stand up to a powerful witch who doles out demonic curses and blunt insults in equal measures.

The fantasy comedy series TRACY BUCKLES tells a story of magical misadventures across 6 fast-paced episodes.

Always Together

Czech Republic, 100 Min


25 years ago, Petr used to be an urban man studying computer science. Then he met Simona, and they decided to pursue their dream of freedom together. Choosing a traditional lifestyle of self-sufficiency, love and togetherness, the couple lead a frugal, bohemian life in a self-made house in a meadow in the Bohemian Forest, with the bare essentials – and their nine children.

Can fatherly love become suffocating for the children? Rejecting a conventional lifestyle means sacrifices for the whole family. Will they be able to fit in modern society?


Season 1/ 7 Episodes / USA / 2016

Web Series

This series tracks the naive life of Sid, a grown adult, who is unprepared for the real world. This web series is seven episodes as Sid begins to navigate between the privileged comforts of what he once has in Beverly Hills. To the not so privilege of being on his own. Broke A$ Rich Kid featured professional skateboarder Angel Cardenas, Jake Olson, and Ellen Gerstein.

Amazing Grace

Season 1 / 8 Episodes / (AUS, 2018)

Web Series

The series follows a young Grace (played by Grace herself) throughout the daily reality of life without her Dad, reflecting her real experiences of seeking her Dad’s advice in life’s pivotal moments.

Mell Tells

Season 1 / 8 Episodes / (USA, 2018)


Web Series

MEL TELLS is a comedy web series based on Melanie’s dating and acting adventures in Los Angeles. With special guest stars including: Paul Karmiryan (So You Think You Can Dance), Christian Bishop (The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise), Robin Shelby (Ghostbusters), Jay Squared (YouTube personality) and more!

Bullies half-and-half / Bulli a metà

Italy, 2019, Eng. Subs, 68 min, comedy, drama


Michele and Edoardo are two bullies.
They are expelled from their school after yet another act of violence towards a teacher.
In the new school many changes, as their segregation into two different classes, will get their friendship into troubles.


United States, 2009


MacHEADS is an in-depth examination of what makes the Mac, the iPhone, and all Apple products in general a cultural phenomena rather than just consumer electronics, and explores the extraordinary loyalty to Apple products by their followers, as well as their obsession with those products. — Shely, Kobi.

All About Manos

1 Season / 15 Episodes

Content Production

Gobuzz produce stories for social media.
“All About Manos”, is a story about women who have been friends since high school. They are searching to find their “mojo” in the “City of Angels” and through their desire to find out who they are they end up together forging ahead to find the answer why? Take a journey of making the impossible possible with them: from obsession to material addiction, Things that you just have to have at any cost to fill your soul. All roads lead to “Vic Manos.” Will they find the true meaning of life and love?

New Media Formats

Content Production

Gobuzz produce stories for social media.
Gobuzz specialize in creating and marketing New Media formats.
We develop short video series and formats, and have more than 100 different short videos. The formats vary from Comedy to Horror, and Documentaries.

Hopefully Ever After

Season 1 +2 / 22 Episodes / (USA, 2017)

Web Series

New Media Formats

Israel, 2016

Horror Feature

In a post-apocalyptic future, a biological warfare program gone wrong leaves only four survivors defending themselves from “the infected” – mindless killers. As they struggle to survive and make sense of what is happening, they find another survivor, intent on revealing the truth.


Season 1 / 8 episodes / Australia / 2017

Web Series

KATIE & SHAUN chronicles two people looking for connection while dealing with the realities of living with anxiety and depression. The story follows Katie (Meghan Maguire) and Shaun (Ricky Goldman) in sessions with their psychologists and beyond. Each must deal with the tolls that their conditions take on their lives, the strategies they employ and the lies they tell themselves to cope. When Katie and Shaun start up a relationship, they are forced to come to terms with their relative disorders, and contemplate the personal growth required to be happy.

Two women in forties, looking for happiness. Zagreb Cappuccino is the subtle story of two best friends, focusing on their emotional states. Petra and Kristina – friends call her Kika, are in their early forties. Petra is getting divorced in Zagreb, and Kika arrives from Cologne to console her. Kika, a cosmopolitan party girl, teaches Petra, a fresh divorcee, how to carry on with her life without a husband and a family. Over several cups of coffee and night out we get to know their fears and burdens, their solitude and their unsureness.

Zagreb Cappuccino

Croatia, 98 min, 2014


A Tale Of Two

Israel, 2017


How to get a pair of perfect breasts and stay alive? Zohar Wagners’ sexy journey of survival. Zohar Wagner forth documentry film world premiered at Docaviv’s Israeli Competition.