Heading to Teach Filmmakers How To Sell Their Films – Cinedays Festival Skopje Macedonia

Kobi Shely

Heading to teach at Cinedays, Skopje Macedonia this week, and I’m super excited to visit Skopje for the first time, I’m looking forward to hang with some of the best people in the world! This is going to be epic.

The festival of the European film “Cinedays” is a chance for the European cinema to test its muscles with the “fast and the furious” Hollywood blockbusters.

The central focus is on the current films that are produced on European soil and its directed towards the young artists who have made one or two movies and have the potential to become the next big thing.

The festival which was established ten years ago, modestly accepting the initiative of Pedro Almodovar to create pan-European Film Festival, has grown into an important event in the cultural life in Skopje.

“Cinedays is different from the other festivals because it is characterized by its specific treatment of the European film and the European cinematography”

I’ll be teaching a 4 hours masterclass on how to successfully sell your films

Topics covered:

  • Building an audience to engage with your project from the get-go
  • Audience tools – How to use available web tools to build your fanbase  
  • Crowdfunding – Critical Dos and don’ts 
  • Getting paid: Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes Vs. Vimeo On Demand and YouTube creator studios, what is PPV, AVOD, SVOD? And how much you can expect to earn from each platform.

Read the full description on Cinedays Website

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