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Leila Bicos is a first generation Cuban-American who discovered her passion for acting and filmmaking later in life. After abandoning a PhD program in Psychology, she started taking acting classes in Los Angeles and interning at Punch Productions. She has acted in and produced several award winning films and her theater performances have written about in the New Yorker and on Theatermania.

Along with co-producer Jennifer Hanley, she co-wrote and co-starred in the inaugural performance for Random Access Theater titled Heads or Tails. In 2015 the duo started 6th Floor Productions an independent production company focused on female driven stories. In addition to Hopefully Ever After, 6th Floor has also released a feature film titled Tarab. With many projects currently in development and pre-production Leila is currently working as a freelance writer, script consultant, and comedian.

Jennifer Hanley is an actress and filmmaker who currently resides in New York City.

Born in Los Angeles, CA, Jennifer had the privilege of growing up around the film industry.

As a precocious five year old, Jennifer told her family that she was going to be an actress.

She received her bachelors degree from Cal State University, Long Beach with a major in English Literature and a minor in Comparative Literature.  Jennifer has studied acting in Los Angeles, New York, and London.

Jennifer loves the entire creative film making process and has extensive experience working in development, production, and post production.

Episode List

Ep1, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” Ep 2, “The Huntsman”
Ep 3, “Fairest of Them All”
Ep 4, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”
Ep 5, “Down the Rabbit Hole”
Ep 6, “If She Doesn’t Scare You No Evil Thing Will”
Ep 7, “Second Star to the Right and Straight on ‘til Morning”
Ep 8, “I’d Cut My Strings For You”
Ep 9, “The Big Bad Wolf”
Ep 10, “The Glass Slipper”
Ep 11, “Hi Ho Hi Ho”

Ep 13, “The King and his Castle”
Ep 14, “The Beast Plays Beer Pong in Murray Hill”
Ep 15, “King Midas (and Friend)”
Ep 16, “Clap If You Believe in Tinkerbell”
Ep 17, “The Caterpillar with the Cheshire Cat Smile”
Ep 18, “Pigs and Wigs”
Ep19, “WonderLAnd”
Ep 20, “Poison Apples”
Ep 21, “Who Needs a Fairy Godmother, Anyway”
Ep 22, “Lions and Tigers and Bears”
Ep 23, “Oh My!”


A series where happy endings are hoped for,

Hopefully Ever After

Season 1 +2 / 22 Episodes / (USA, 2017)


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Hopefully Ever After is not your mama’s fairy tale. Season One tells the story of Ellie, new to the Big City, she is looking for more than just an apartment. Along the way she encounters the good, the bad and the Charming… making friends and some questionable moral choices.

Creators: Jennifer Hanley and Leila Bicos​