My Presentation at Norway Short Film Convention Trondheim – Summary

by Kobi Shely

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Keep an eye on Norway Short Film Convention Trondheim, only on its second year, but no doubt, will become Europe’s leading event for short films. If you have passion for creating shorts, this is the place to be, not to mention the breathtaking Trondheim views. I had the pleasure of being invited to speak about VOD, film marketing and distribution, and I  discovered a fresh new voice for independent filmmakers and short content creators. The 2 days seminar brought together 100 filmmakers from Norway and Sweden, exchanging information in an open discussion panels with instructors who are thinkers and practitioners from different disciplines: producers, directors, commissioning editors, marketers and strategists. The goal was to expose filmmakers to a broad range of creative approaches to short film production and distribution . 

Short content has huge demand. I’ve been working with different companies exploring film and video partnerships, and increasingly, I’m always asked to recommend short videos to sponsor. In panel discussion titled “How can we make short film available for more people?” I exchanged ideas with  Charlotte Hellström, from Sweden’s Sveriges Television, and Toril Simonsen, Norwegian Film Institute. The panel was moderated by Line Halvorsen, from Mid Nordic Film Export (Who is probably one of the leading women marketing and distributing films these days) I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Sweden invest production money and broadcast distribution into shorts. And from the shorts I’ve seen, I can understand why. 

I suggested that in order to advance filmmakers careers, film schools and funding institutions need to adjust, and make an effort to customize their programs to be more relevant to the web and mobile culture. It is hard enough to keep track on all the new options popping up every day, without the right approach and training, filmmakers might face a challenge getting their films produced and seen. Charlotte talked about the importance of knowing who is your audience, and how to address them with your shorts. As commissioning editor / and producer at Sveriges Television, she always in search to find the right project with the right audience. Of course, as always, the question of commercial value vs. artistic creative process, was raised, to which I always reply: There’s peace between the two sides, we need to know how to combine commercial value with artistic values, if we want to continue and produce more films. 

The seminar concluded with Nordic party, showcasing spectacular video installation, drinks and great food. I’d like to thank Toril Simonsen, Kjersti Sofie Greger, and Line Halvorsen for inviting me, and being such a gracious hosts. Special thanks to Line’s father, who was kind enough to give me a spectacular tour of Trondheim. I’m sure I’ll be back again next year.

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