Presenting and teaching at European Film Market Berlin 2018

by Kobi Shely

It’s going to be freezing in Berlin film festival, with snowflakes swirling about in the day, and night temperatures slipping to minus 4 degrees centigrade. I’ll be indoors chilling with my filmmakers compandres, doing my best to educate you with a sweet master class, and “owning it” to a room full of industry professional showcasing my new baby startup.

Presentation at European Film Market – Berlinale 2018, 17th February 4:00 pm

Over the past months, I’ve been working long hours and weekends with my partner on a new and exciting technology solution for filmmakers. Our mission is to empower creators to make their stories seen and help filmmakers update their digital storytelling skills.

We are naming our baby – ZoomCut, and I’m very honored to announce that we have been invited to present our innovative solutions at this year’s European Film Market – Berlinale 2018.

This is a good opportunity to thank the incredible people at Europe Creative Media, for supporting us and believing so strongly in our team.

If you are in Berlin film festival I’d love to see you, I’ll be showcasing ZoomCut on the 17th of February 4:00 pm, European Film Market, White Room, 2nd Floor, Martin Gropius BAU.

Master Class – Tell&Sell; – Connect with your audience through storytelling, February 20th 2:30 pm

I’ll be teaching a masterclass with my colleague, aka master pitch, Mrs. Agathe Bergman.

We’ll be doing an interactive masterclass to refine and adapt your pitch to different platforms and situation. The event is sponsored by the European Women’s Audiovisual Network (EWA) And will be open for EWA members only.


EWA invites filmmakers to a unique and completely free master class to present your works-in-progress or completed project to a panel of industry professionals for a chance to get direct feedback from the experts who know the film business best.

The biggest hurdles facing women filmmakers are partly cultural and partly structural. The goal of the masterclass is to help overcome your fears and counter the systemic gaps: knowledge and access.

The media landscape has shifted considerably in recent years – with streaming services becoming adventurous funding giants and traditional studios becoming more risk-averse. And things continue to shift.

The one empowering thing through the noise: Knowledge is power. If you’re a storyteller, there are more avenues than ever today – so long as you’re nimble about the running length or size of screen through which your story can be told: feature film, series, limited series, in other words, one has to learn to be a storytelling Wonder Woman in this gladiatorial battle for the world’s eyeballs.

In this masterclass, we will help you

  • Overcome your stage fears and find your perfect pitch for commission editors, film festivals, and public funds
  • Creating the perfect pitch and story to connect with your fans and raise funds on Kickstarter
  • Upgrade your storytelling skills to speak the social media language and connect with the FOMO (fear of missing out) generation.
  • Seizing the eye of today’s beholder: What appeals, why it appeals, how to make it appealing.
  • How to bring visual clarity to complexity.

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