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Red Velvet Revolution

Season 1, 9 Episodes, (UK, 2019)


#Google #Twitter #Black-Mirror, #Dystopian#The-Handmaid's-Tale, #Cambridge-Analytica, #Personal-data #big-corporations #George-Orwell’s-1984 ##hunger-games #colony #corporations, #Government # Blade Runner, #the-future-sucks #S&P500 #matrix #revolution #big-brother

A Corporation called “The Life Makers Corporation” anonymously directs the lives of its users (called the Life Seekers) who have signed an agreement with the Corporation but have no recollection of it as they have ingested a medicine which erases that particular memory from their minds. 

The contract itself allows the Corporation to constantly surveil the Life Seekers and to sign any kind of other contracts on behalf of the Life Seekers. A team of employees (called Life Makers) works behind the scenes to arrange various serendipitous events that lead to the success of each Life Seeker who believes these events are caused only by their skills, appearance or charisma since the Life Seekers have no recollection of the existence of the Life Makers Corporation. 

In the background the Life Makers make specific arrangements with corporations and institutions on behalf of the Life Seekers and for that service the Life Makers corporation takes a cut of the Life Seeker’s income (thus acting as a kind of human broker).

Creator: Viviana Di Capua

Viviana Di Capua is a Bristol-based freelance videographer and co-founder of London Filmmakers, an independent film and music free collective that over the years worked hard to become one of the most respected names in audiovisual production.

Trained as a filmmaker and graduated with honours in Cinema from La Sapienza University of Rome, working on a variety of projects ranging from promotional video content and live events to music videos. 

Before moving to London, she completed many internships at Cinecittà Studios as a video editor and worked as a script supervisor for the Italian Ministry of Equal opportunities.


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Episode List

Pilot “We are Dion’s Lifemakers” 2018

Ep1 “Someone writing my life?” 2019

Ep2 “Rose Gardner doesn’t exist” 2019

Ep3 “You are 5 minutes late” 2019

Ep4 “We are not becoming friends, are we?” 2019

Ep5 “You should do it” 2019

Ep6 “ Do you believe her?” 2019

Ep7 “ We don’t have much time” 2019

Ep8 “ It needs to be your choice” 2019

Ep9 “Ninfeo is different” 2019