Sell your film direct to fans with Vimeo On Demand

Digital filmmaking has opened up, allowing filmmakers to produce and distribute their content, and participate in the digital marketplace. There are plenty of options for creators to choose from when putting their films online and selling direct to fans. Adding to the growing list of options, there are two new players on the block – Amazon and Dailymotion.

These two market giants have opened up their doors for everyone to submit content. I’ll highlight for you some advantages of putting your movie onto Amazon or Dailymotion, as well as how to capitalize within their vast marketplaces.

Both for Amazon and Dailymotion, you’ll need to create an account.  Go to Amazon Video Direct or dailymotion to setup your accounts. Formerly known as Amazon ‘Create Space’, ‘Amazon Video Direct’ is geared more towards digital downloads and streaming. Amazon will give you three options with which to monetize: Transactional video on demand (TVOD), Ad Support (AVOD), and Subscription (SVOD). Dailymotion offers two of the three, TVOD and AVOD.

AVOD – Revenues

Amazon – Will pay you 55% of the net advertising revenues.

Dailymotion – Will pay you 70%, but that depends mainly on these 2 factors:

1) the number of ads played on your videos

2) the revenue generated by the ads played on your videos. This is determined by the average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) that your videos receive.

Theses two factors can vary from channel to channel, country of viewership, type of content, etc.

TVOD and SVOD Revenues

Amazon – Will pay you 50% of the applicable purchase price.

Dailymotion – With paid content, you’ll earn a 70% share of all revenue generated by customers who rent your videos or pay to subscribe to your channel.


Amazon – Allows you to upload your web / TV series and monetize it with one price per series. Check out “Episodic”.

Dailymotion –  Currently does not support this option.


Dailymotion – No restrictions. You may upload your content without captions. You can also add annotations, a great promotional tool which can be used to encourage fans to visit your website, or buy directly from the Dailymotion player.

Amazon – Does not allow you to publish your content without captions. Adobe captions won’t work, you might want to consider using CapNsub. You can find more of Amazon’s captioning options here.

Metrics and performance dashboards

Both platforms offer detailed online metrics to keep track of sales, trailer performance, and more useful info on your inventory. That’s pretty much common feature that all VOD platforms supply these days.


Dailymotion – Once you set up your content, you’ll be able to take advantage of Dailymotion’s 300 million users marketplace. After creating a dedicated channel and uploading short clips from you film, trailers, and interviews, you’ll want to set up keywords that will push your videos forth into Dailymotion’s community. Another option is to create a video ad for your film using Dailymotion’s new feature promoted videos. With a small budget you can get some really good marketing power and expose your content in this dynamic marketplace.

Amazon Direct – The best option to market your film is to get good reviews. Get people who watch it to review it, because that definitely matters. If you get 4 or 5 star ratings, you’ll show up in Amazon’s recommendation engine.

Share and Caption

Amazon – No customization options. That means you can’t embed the player on your site. The “Watch on Amazon” graphic can be downloaded by clicking the “Marketing Asset Kit” zip file on this page –>

Dailymotion – You can add your brand’s logo, change colors, and have some nice customization options. You also have an option to embed the player on your website as well as add social media channels. Dailymotion’s player is 100% adapted for mobile devices, so anyone who has downloaded the dailymotion app, can stream your film with it.

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