Content Development​

We are actively developing and sourcing projects that prioritize storytelling. Development from A to Z, including video, website content, brand content, social media marketing, and community growth.

OTT Distribution

We deliver episodic content directly on CTV and OTT, driving audience engagement through video distribution and marketing ecosystem.

Self-Distribution Training

Designed to benefit everyone from novices to indie filmmakers to seasoned sales agents and distributors, I train audio-visual professionals how to build communities and sell their films. 

My trainings are built around my decade of experience in the film industry, both as a filmmaker and an educator. Perfect for film festivals industry-events , and filmmakers who wish to promote, distribute and sell films, web-series, shorts, interactive videos and any new media projects.

Past Trainings

Kobi Shely Indie Film Training

EWA: Barcelona, Amsterdam, Pizza, Strasbourg, Glasgow

3 full day course  The training focused on how to make financial, marketing, distribution plan and business strategy. Throughout 3 day lectures, masterclasses and one-to-one session participants supposed to develop their projects in order to be prepared for public pitch.

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Kobi Shely Indie Film Training

Beldocs Academy, Serbia

The key objective has been to equip European audiovisual professionals with the necessary skills to reach a wide international audience in the context of digital convergence, through an innovative training course.

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Kobi Shely Indie Film Training


A 4 hours seminar on how to successfully sell your films. At the end of the course a public project pitch was organized in front of wide range of international co-producers, distributers, sales and broadcasters in order to provide possibility for the authors to get feedback as well as collaborates in further development. Also we prepared an award for the best pitch.

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Kobi Shely Indie Film Training

Antalya Film Forum

Industry professionals came together with the participants and created an interactive sharing space on their tables. At the tables made up of representatives of international funds and festivals, speakers had the opportunity to learn about festivals and funds, ask their questions, learn about selections and applications.

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Kobi Shely Indie Film Training

Erich Pommer Institut

I presented several case studies from various campaigns he has managed for films and web series creators. I also explored what has proven effective so far, what could be improved and what is needed to finally find your audience as well as adapt your stories to the digital world.

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Kobi Shely Indie Film Training dok incubator

Dok Incubator

In the sea of information, people and companies, it is more and more difficult to set the right course to success and not to get sidetracked. The role of the producer is not only to help get the film financed but also to get information about the possible distribution channels most fit for the film.

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Europa Distribution Network

The secret world of data: How to use data and what can it bring to the promotion of films online. sponsored by Europa Distribution Network. Tutoring distributors from all over Europe.

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Rome Film Festival

New Patterns of Film marketing and Distribution  in partnership with Europa Distribution.

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Norway Short Film Convention

I had the pleasure of being invited to speak about VOD, film marketing and distribution. The 2 days seminar brought together 100 filmmakers from Norway and Sweden. The goal was to expose filmmakers to a broad range of creative approaches to short film production and distribution . 

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kobi shely ewa

San Sebastian Film Festival

I took part in a panel that looked at issues around online film releases, from piracy to branding to data analysis.

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