Upcoming Event: Speaking at Erich Pommer Institut Berlin

by Kobi Shely

I am thrilled to be invited to speak at EPI (Erich Pommer Institut). If you’re in Berlin on the 15th of November, please drop by I’d love to meet you.

EPI presents an impressive line of industry professionals. The workshop equips film and TV producers and distributors with the tools to help them capitalise on the opportunities of digital distribution in order to maximize the reach and revenues for their content.Internationally acclaimed experts provide relevant knowledge and cutting-edge case studies on digital distribution, new business models, legal framework, marketing and audience engagement. As a result, the participants will get a practical guide to digital self-distribution. The training event includes excellent networking opportunities – during the workshop as well as at the social evening programme. Work on your project with the group and get invaluable feedback in unique Expert Feedback session >> Gain the latest expertise from internationally acclaimed trainers.

I’ll be exploring successful marketing and distribution strategies and cover today’s opportunities for producers in the digital marketplace. What are the business models (revenue share vs advances), who does what, how to deal directly with platforms,  what is the role of an aggregator, do you need one at all? This workshop is focused on two approaches/audiences:

– Producers that probably have a few documentaries/films/tv shows (that already did the normal distribution circuit) and wish to monetize their catalogue on digital platforms. I’ll be Focusing on the opportunities the current market is offering, and ways to distribute existing audiovisual content in the digital marketplaces.

– Producers that are finishing their new film/doc/tv series and probably don’t have a traditional sales agent (or don’t believe in the old model) And ways of international self-distribution using the digital platforms.

Please find the programme schedule here
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