Workshop Speaking At San Sebastian Film Festival On Data, VOD Market, and Film Promotion

by Kobi Shely

 Filmmaker friends I’ll be delivering a closed workshop for European distributors at San Sebastian Film Festival on September 19th and the 20th on using data to market and reach your audience. The workshop is hosted by Europa Distribution Network.

I will be participating in this year’s San Sebastian Film Festival doing a workshop on VOD Market and online promotion sponsored by Europa Distribution Network.
The workshop will take place from Sept 19th to 22nd in the scope of The Industry Club of San Sebastian Film Festival. I’ll be tutoring distributors from all over Europe about

The secret world of data: How to use data and what can it bring to the promotion of films online.

Filmmakers know how important it is to constantly find new revenue streams. Technology is evolving faster than ever, with new devices and content channels making their way to digital audiences every few years. Meanwhile, a generation has grown up expecting music, films, and TV to be free. The download genie has not just come out of the bottle, it’s smashed that bottle into a thousand pieces. Unauthorized downloading of music and movies is no longer marginal – it’s the norm. Market adaptation is crucial, and marketing is a key issue, as always. With the aim of looking for new means to make films visible on VOD platforms, and also navigate on data and how their efficient analyses can bring results.

I’ll also be part of a panel to be held at the Museo San Telmo on Monday, September 20th from 12 to 13.3

The gold rush? Or how can independent films finally hope to dig some gold out of VoD?

Distributors are known for being the promotion and curation experts when it comes to creating awareness around the titles they have the rights for. But today reaching success with independent films on VoD is still difficult for many of them.
What has proven effective so far, what could be improved and what is needed to finally start to find gold are the main trends that our panelists will cover during this session.

I’ll be joining:
Alexandra Poch – European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Spain
Anna Harding – Folkets Bio, Sweden
Quentin Carbonell — MUBI, UK
Emmanuel Joly — European Commission, Media Unit, EU

Drop me a line if you’re there — I’d love to hear from you!

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